A Pergola Design For Every Yard

You’ve decided it is time to spruce up your yard and have wisely determined that a pergola would be the fastest and easiest way to do that. So which pergola design will you choose?

Now, if you already have a concrete patio area you will most likely choose to build your pergola over it. An attached pergola is a great option especially on a budget since it eliminates the need for two posts. In fact, a basic 8 x 8 or 10×10 attached pergola with one a roof comprised of one layer each of rafters and purlins (or slats), is less than 30 pieces of material depending on how much shade you want. The tighter the shade patter, the more roof slats you would need. Luckily though, that second layer of a pergola roof is generally made up of much smaller and thinner pieces of material in order to keep the load light. That translates to a lower price per piece.

Of course material selection also drives pricing. Treated pine tends to be the cheapest with cedar and redwood also excellent, though often more expensive options. Price and availability are influenced heavily by your location so it is difficult to give exact information on that topic. Check your local home improvement centers, but an even better option could be a lumber center if there is one near you since they can often get the best prices and will cut pieces ahead to meet the needs of your pergola plan.

As you can see from the images above, detached pergolas are also excellent design options and really do not take that much more time or budget. Don’t think you need to be limited to four posts either. There are some wonderfully unique designs with 3, 5, 6, 7, or 8 posts too. If your budget will allow it, there are some great, larger pergola designs that also are not that complicated to build. In fact, the video below shows a six post rectangular pergola being put together in just one day – after the posts had been set in place –  by just three guys:

The posts for the pergola in the video were set in place the day before. Which means that this is a great example of how to build a pergola in one weekend. Especially if you choose a simpler pergola design. Hopefully this has shown you that building your own pergola is an excellent way to start your yard improvement project.



About Lou E Greene/PergolaDIY

Author of How To Build a Pergola in One Weekend. Member of the PergolaDIY team who feels like they have learned every hard lesson there is to learn about DIY pergola building! We share our knowledge so you can complete your projects without any bumps or bruises. Really!

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