Is Building a Pergola the Perfect DIY Home Improvement Project?

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  2. A 1 minute video showing all the tools you will need. You probably already have these and if not, how much fun is it to shop for power tools, right?
  3. A quick overview of the possible designs and uses for your pergola. What exactly do you want out of your pergola?
  4. Now you know you want to build a pergola and you’ve made the all
    important decision on basic placement and purpose, but before you go any
    further you cannot skip these 5 steps. Seriously. Skipping these will
    increase expenses and create significant time delays!
  5. What things should you consider when choosing the perfect spot in your yard for your pergola? 

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About Lou E Greene/PergolaDIY

Author of How To Build a Pergola in One Weekend. Member of the PergolaDIY team who feels like they have learned every hard lesson there is to learn about DIY pergola building! We share our knowledge so you can complete your projects without any bumps or bruises. Really!

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